10 April 2011

L'internation'ART de Roberval part II

Last friday was L'internation'ART de Roberval's opening night. So I left quebec friday early afternoon on board my dirty Volks in direction of Roberval with little stress... ok, OK, with a fair amount of it.

Can you imagine thousands of people looking at my work while I'm beside them? Well I could totally imagine it, and it would have driven me crasy if a friend of mine would not have been there and supported my moral! (by the way, this is Roberval we are talking about... so there wasn't thousands of people, but 300, which is still in anycase quite stressful)

So after a 3 hours drive, we reached Roberval, got to the hotel, find some food, and decided to walk to the library where the event is held. We ended up being late. OuPS! We walked for a while in the wrong direction... And on google map, Roberval seemed smaller too.

But we got there, and we got the hear the ending of Albert Miller speach, and the presentation of the artists exposing.

I did the tour to see with whom I have the joy to be exposing with. And ran into 2 friends of montreal who drove all the way to Roberval to see my work. I was extremely happy to see them there!

For the rest, I think I will need to work on my people skills as I felt totally out of my confort zone standing by my work hoping someone would come to talk to me and unable to start a conversation with the people looking at my paintings. Hopefully it will come with time.

So Roberval being quite far, here is a video which gives you a good idea of what the exposition looks like.

And just a few more lines to thank again Caroline Houde who gave me the opportunity to be part of 'L'internation'ART de Roberval'

And as a reminder, if you past by the Saguenay/Lac St-Jean area before june 8, stop by the Roberval's library to see it!

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Merci Émilie! :)