18 September 2011

September KKS Blog Hop: Christmas in september! Oh! OH! oH!!

Merry September's ChisTmaS to all Blog HoppeRs!

Hope you'll have as much fun coloring these christmas characters as I had creating them!!

For my little painting, I used : Rudy the Reindeer Stamp!

I painted him with gouache on watercolor paper. What an adventure it been! I don't know if you know, but gouache is an opaque type paint. So it was quite interesting to use as it added a 'color shade' to my black line from the stamp. The result was quite nice until I reached the gingerbread cookie. I guess I didn't put enough water with my paint, so the line completely dissipired! Oh my! I was starting to panick when my black pen came to the rescue just in time! I think we got carried away a little... As you can see, there are plenty of black dots everywhere!!! Oh well! The black pen save my day as I'm quite happy with the final result! Hope you'll enjoy it too! ( to present it I glued it to a red sheet and the red bg is just photoshop in. I'll let the karfty girl handle the paper stuff, they're So good at it!!)

So Normally you are coming from Kerry's blog And now it is time to visit Michele's!