23 August 2012

Brain storm - Unleashing your creative self by Don Hahn

I haven't been drawing much lately as i've used my spare time to hang out with friends before crasy life start. So i haven't much stuff to show you. So i thought it would be a perfect time to talk to you about a great book i read twice already (during my last reading, i was smart enough to mark interesting passages): Brain Storm - unleashing your creative self by Don Hanh, the producer of the Lion King and Beauty and Beast.

So i opened the book and on the third page, only two word were written: For Emilie ( not emily, emilie!). This book was already speaking to me!

And here is a few quotations i marked has interesting:

The choice between the good idea and the bad one is up to you.

Highly creative people have the willingness to spend limitless time on an idea and come up blank. They have the audacity to throe themself into unknown ventures and risk spectacular failure. They live in a world of boundless imagination and sobering reality.

You are an artist now. You may be novice, you may be flawed, you may need to get better then you are, but welcome to the human journey.

The defining moment in drawing is when you decide to leave the safety of inaction and leap into the void. The courage and willingness to jump into the void and feel the rush of the wind in the hopes that you will be able tobspread your wings and fly... That is the touchstone of the creative process. We've got an idea, and we are flush with anticipation. Our mind race with possibilities.

To prepare is to be like a sponge ready to absorb.

Fight, flight, or freeze: all three reactions are valid responses that keep us alive during time of crisis, if we left them on too long, it turns into stagnation. Youcan't steer a ship that is not in motion. Freeze, yes, but only long enough to know what your next move will be.

We can't wait for opportunity to be given to us, or for the time to be right. The time is never right. Just go after it like a true warrior.

Your work depends on a regular and fresh flow of ideas into your brain, and those ideas come from real, visceral experiences. Your well needs fresh images, sounds, colors, smells.

You want a critique that will challenge yourvision and send you back to work with new eyes.

The definition of balance is simple-not falling over

I guess i'll stop my-self here, if not, i'll be typing the entire books, and i would probably get in troubles....

I totally recommend this book, it is so well written too, you almost have the impression that Don Hanh is casually talking to you.

19 August 2012

Vegetarian Week-end: a SucceSs!

My pay off for taking the time to cook great vegetarian meals: well fed and happy friends!
Ma petite satisfaction pour avoir pris le temps de cuisine de bons repas végétariens: des amis heureux et bien nourris!

I even got a little creative as I added avocados on top, and I have to say it was amazing!
Je me suis même permise d'être un peu créative, j'ai ajouté des morceaux d'avocats sur le dessus, et je dois dire que ce fut délicieux!

What more do you need then great friends, good food, and nice wine?
QU'Est-ce qu'on peut demander de plus que de bon amis, de la bonne bouffe et un bon vin?

Here is the link to the pdf file in which I found the recipe :'Spaghetti de tante Marcelle'. It's in french, but you can easily get it right with a english/french dictionary as it's mainly a list of ingredients,
Voici le lien pour le document pdf dans lequel se retrouve la recette: Spaghetti de tante Marcelle.

Recettes végétariennes pour carnivores hésitants

KKS August BloG hoP is On!

It's time for halloween stamps!!! Yeah!
C'est le temps pour les étampes d'halloween! YouppI!

For the hop, I decided to color the ghost with a lot of dots made with my markers! Pour le Hop, j'ai décidé de colorer le fantôme avec pleins de points avec mes marqueurs!

I hope you'll have fun making pretty halloween cards! J'espère que vous aurez du plaisir à faire de belles cartes pour l'halloween! I know

15 August 2012

Vegeterian for the Week-End

I've been preparing for the visit of friends over the week-end: Cooking Time (I always forget how much I like cooking when I have someone to share the result with). I have to try somethings new as they are vegeterians. I did some research on the net and I found three potentially good recipes. The first one is a spaghetti sauce, and I can definitively confirm: it's going to be good: I made it this evening. I'm even considering turning vegeterian now! Haha (nah not really, but I surely will make this sauce again!)
Je me prépare tranquillement pour la visite d'amis en fin de semaine: C'est le temps pour de la popotte! (J'oublie comment j'aime cuisiner lorsque j'ai des gens avec qui partager mes plats) De plus, j'ai dû essayer de nouvelles recettes, car ils sont végétarien. J'ai fait quelques recherches sur le net et je nous ai selectionné 3 recettes qui semblaient avoir du potentiel. Et je peux le confirmer pour la première car je l'ai préparé ce soir. Je considère même prendre le virage végé! Haha! (non pas vraiment... Mais je vais certainement refaire cette recette plusieurs fois!)

Since I haven't made much art in the past weeks (taking the time to see friends and family before my life turns insanely busy on august 27), I thought I could share (visually of course) the result of my cooking evening... Cooking is an art anyways!
Puisque je n'ai pas vraiment de dessin à vous montrer (je profite de mes dernières semaines calmes pour voir mes amies et ma famille, car le 27 août mon horaire va être un peu fou), je me suis dit que je pourrais partager avec vous (visuellement naturellement) le résultat de ma recette... C'est de l'art culinaire!