31 March 2011

L'internation'ART de Roberval

How exciting? From april 8 to june 8 2011, my art work will be available to see at the library Georges-Henri-Lévesque in Roberval!!

But what is this art show about? 'L'internation'ART is an event with a simple and unifying concept, based on innovatif artistic practices which allow the discovery of art works of qualities. The european's art is different from the North-American one and this is to open new cultural horizons that Caroline Houde and Hélènecaroline Fournier created this event. The public will find the most diversified expressions, created by artists who offer a sample of the vision of the international art of our time.' (my translation of the explanation given by Helenecaroline fournier, co-commissaire d'exposition).

So here are the other art that will be part of this event: B. Dumont Renard (France),André Bielen (Belgique), Thierry Caland (France), Muriel Cayet (France), Régina-Danielle Désilets (Canada),Caroline Houde (Canada),Isabelle Houde (Canada),Hélène Larouche (Canada),LO (France)
Claudine Loquen (France),Guylaine Malo (Canada),Bernadette Mora (France)
Lynda Ritchie (Canada),Marie-Françoise Sztuka (France)

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