11 September 2012

Exercising my memory

For my sketchbook class this week, I had to study a 3/4 face by drawing it for an hour, and then hide the reference and the drawing, and counting on my memory only, I had to make a 30-15-8-4-2-1 minutes drawing of it.
Pour mon cours de Sketchbook cette semaine, j'ai dû étudier un visage 3/4 en le dessinant pendant une heure, pour ensuite le mettre de côté ainsi que la référence, et en utilisant ma mémoire, refaire le dessin en 30-15-8-4-2-1 minutes

I did two series, one right after my studying and the one 24 hours later as I was curious to see how much I would remember.
J'ai fait l'exercice deux fois, la première juste après mon étude et l'autre 24 heures plus tard, j'étais curieuse de voir ce que je serais capable de me rappeler.

At the end, I had to chose my favorite, take out the reference, and adjust a few things, I might have passed about 20 additional minutes on it.
À la fin, je devais choisir mon dessin préféré, ressortir ma référence et ajuster mon dessin en conséquence, j'ai dû y mettre un 20 minutes additionnelles.


Dieverdog said...

That's a fascinating exercise! I love to see how it turned out. I wish I could see the images larger to see the detail. I really like how the final one turned out. Thanks for sharing!

Emilie said...

Thanks Dieverdog!

I make my images bigger for now on :)